On lower difficulty levels, the location of the jade figurine is now marked as a point of interest on the map. The officer asks for the ID; you automatically show him the conference ID. These walk-throughs primarily emphasize a stealthier approach to each mission. Contracts delivers more suspense-filled and darker, edgy missions. At some point, the Blue Lotus negotiator moves away and speaks with a guard. Half of the levels are remakes from the first game. Pick the lock on the second door on the right (room 108). You can either poison his milk or use the pillow to suffocate him. Pick the lock when security personnel aren’t watching. His first flashback took him back to the events following the execution of Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. SWAT police surround the sanitarium. IMDb gave the game a 7.4 out of 10. Exit this room and turn right. Beware of sanitarium staff on these floors. You’re carrying a suitcase containing a sniper rifle. Slay Fuchs in the bathroom with a silenced weapon or using the fiber wire after he gets off the toilet. Move down this hallway and find a supply room across from the target’s room. The mission begins inside a meat packing truck; the body of the butcher rests at your feet. Go right through the door on the left. Make your way to the eastern side of the map. Observe the next cop’s patrol pattern. After silencing the Inspector who had discovered his identity, he entered an ambulance and moved towards DeGaulle Airport, ready to escape France. Second, the guard at the door will only let you inside alone for 10 seconds. Walk calmly past any SWAT members and descend the staircase. A guard protects the top of the stairs and he won’t let weaponry through without a fight. Adjust your position so you can see as much of the target as possible through the railing. Cops will blow your cover on sight so you must sneak around them. Receive the offer: safe combination for leading woman to freedom. Don’t worry about being detected. Alternatively you can poison his milk. Escape with the chemical bomb. Alistair is enjoying his whiskey inside the study on the manor’s first floor. Enter the warehouse. Go down the stairs into the basement and find the guard clothes. Enter the Meat King’s chamber. Call the elevator and proceed to the basement. There’s no single linear path through each mission. Duck down behind the counter when you ring the bell to avoid detection. Board the sub while inside the radiation suit and grab the bombs and bomb remote. Wait patiently until the limo driver comes to relieve himself. In disguise, enter the mess hall. Platforms: Exit the sub. Change clothes. The score features the same Latin choral arrangements as in all the other scores; however, they are heavily sampled and mixed into the dark electronic soundscape. Pick the next door’s lock when the security guards aren’t looking. In Hitman: Contracts, gameplay centers around the exploits of a hitman, Agent 47, as he is sent to various locations to assassinate targets. Pick up the laxative inside the kitchen. The beauty of Hitman: Contracts is the relatively open-ended mission design. Leave the room after completing the objective. Enter the bottom door on the left side. Drop your firearms as you’re about to move through an enemy checkpoint. Cross the catwalk, still following the green line on the map, and advance through the next room. The biker gangs defend your targets well. Once selected, you have the option of playing "Featured Contracts," "My Contracts," or "Latest Contracts." Open the door on the left side. Move the negotiator’s body out of the gazebo. You will recognize this location from the Wang Fou mission. Talk with her and she’ll "cheer up" the guard outside by the car. Take the opportunity to pass her and move through the bathroom undetected. Place it in the bombcase. Stay away from the cops and wait for them to move away then run through the blockage to the exit point. Drag the Red Dragon negotiator’s body into the underground tunnel. Players take the role of "47", a hitman who is unlucky enough to get shot, and falls to the floor dying. Be prepared to use the fiber wire and syringe frequently if you plan to kill enemies using stealth techniques. Place the bombs at the sub’s three weak spots. There are also some crates to hide behind once you’re through the door. Use the elevator to reach the second floor. Do it while the waiter is looking away to be safe. Sneak up behind the security guard and use the syringe to disable him. An array of weapons can be used, from kitchen knives to belt-fed machine guns. Change clothes to better fit in with the enemy guards. He occasionally gets up and wanders around and returns to his slumber. Ascend the ladder and follow the guard calmly through the door. Observe the cook deliver the stew to Fuchs. Objectives: Assassinate the Red Dragon negotiator. When he does, the butler will move down into the cellar, obtain the poisoned whiskey, and deliver it to your target. Go through two sets of double doors into the main party area. Change clothes and don the limo driver disguise. Pick up the brothel invite left on the counter. Use a syringe on the security guard and drag his body behind the crates. Return to the map’s center and change to the guard outfit recovered earlier. Blend into the environment by recovering clothes from a nearby enemy. Hitman: Contracts Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition ===== Opening Intro Mission No. Edit. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Walk to the northeastern side of the map just out of range of the two Lotus guards. Escape the hotel using the guard’s uniform. Enter the restaurant through the front entrance and go into the kitchen on the right. Follow the path to the staircase to the upper level. Save your game beforehand if possible. Cross the roof forward to the open windows. Exit the compound through the locker room. It’s a hatch that leads into the manor’s basement. Move through the door on the right side and through the offices. Hitman: Contracts Original Soundtrack was composed by Jesper Kyd, composer of previous titles' soundtracks and was released in 2004. Hitman is an Activity in Saints Row and Saints Row 2. Reach the raft to complete the mission successfully. Either change into the Red Dragon negotiator clothes and enter the restaurant or return to the restaurant basement (in chef disguise) and find the real chef fixing the gas. Speak with the contact for valuable mission information. Move past the guards through the double doors and ascend the right staircase to the upper floor. Approach the serving tray and use the poison. In the next hall, open and enter the door on the left. Turn around. Move slowly to not alert the other policemen. If the safe isn’t open, pick up the combination. He tells you about a CIA agent locked up in the basement.

You won t be able to escape through the front gate (the one you entered from). Sneak inside the bathroom so you don’t disturb Franz Fuchs’ shower. If you’re trying to remain undetected, wait until the guards split up and go their separate ways. Escape in the car. Give Some: Provides weapons and ammo, excluding secret weaponry. Follow the street to the ladder in the northern corner of the map. Speak with the door guard and get let inside. If you’d rather exert some aggression, you can blow everyone away here and exit through the front gate. Walk forward and hear orders from the chef: Sturrock wants his chicken meal! Continue around the next left corner to the bridge. Avoid the horse handler and enter the stables on the right side. Walk calmly into the restaurant. Retrace your steps toward the elevator. Use the syringe on the interior guard wandering through the wine cellar. Metacritic gave the game 80 on PS2, 78 on Xbox, and 74 on PC, and reviewed saying "Elaborate levels and multiple paths you can take to solve the mission take you a long way in making you forget about the lack of narrative element. Grab the sniper rifle. Walk forward down the road and enter the strip bar on the right side. Since you’re dressed in security guard garb, it’s possible to enter the security station to deactivate the metal detectors. Once outside, move toward the exit point to complete the mission. Trending pages. The guard frisks you. Getting past the cops will be easy if you haven’t created any disturbances. The whole game takes place in "flashbacks", where 47 is reminiscing about past missions, some of which were previously seen in Hitman: Codename 47, the first game from the Hitman series. Enter the target’s office on the left. Half of the missions are a remake of the missions from Codename 47, while the rest are either related to the said missions, taking place before or after them or are completely new. The game did fairly well, but did not get as good ratings as its predecessor. The lawyer may already be asleep. Sneak up behind the limo driver and disable him with a syringe. Calmly exit Sturrock’s chamber and move through the party room. Hitman: Contracts at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Wait for the limo to reach the two guards and detonate the bomb using the bomb remote. Inside you’ll find the other chef working on the gas problem. Be patient and wait for him to turn around a second time. This game features 10 dual weapons making a unique feature in any Hitman game. Change clothes into the enemy garb and pick up the bomb and bomb remote off of the safe. The primary danger in this location should also be monitored via the map. Before moving on, close the truck’s back door by using the red button on the truck’s left side. You’ll use it later on Alistair’s whiskey. Carefully move inside Lord Beldingford’s bedroom. At the next set of three doors, enter the door on the left. Enter the second door on the right. You find the girl...what’s left of her. Check the map for the point of interest. Listen to the soldier’s instructions and enter the door. Go around the right corner and exit through the door. Wait for the limo driver to relieve himself. Dump his body in the sewer tunnel. Get inside before a nearby guard follows Fuchs into the bathroom. Jump to the adjacent balcony when the guard isn’t there. Return to the first room and use the weed killer on the green fluid. Each level completed offers a new weapon reward that becomes available in training mode and in level replays. Escape the area. Escape the compound by moving through the factory. When the level begins, the real gardener is walking along the road south of your start position. Assassinate the Chief of Police. Go to the bottom room. Free him from the shackles. Continue straight down the street until you spot the small shack on the left side (there’s a point of interest marked inside). Currently it randomizes things such as entry point, kill order and kill method as well as a set of extra variables, some of which are generic and some mission specific. Enter it and use the switch inside to deactivate the metal detectors. Pick up the bottle of laxative on the far left side of the bar counter. Help her up when she almost falls. Acquire enemy clothes: either sneak up on the guard carrying the grocery crate in the cargo plane or turn around, enter the watch tower, descend the ladder, and find the guard watching television in the room on the left. There’s only one waiter for the party. Move to the elevator and go through the door to the left of the elevator. The game attempts to focus on more of the more stealthier elements of the Hitman series by accommodating players who wish to sneak about and mostly forgo the use of disguises in order to kill their targets. When inside new clothes, don’t run around or rub up against enemies. He’ll lead you to the meeting with Van Leuven. Use your syringe on the guard and take his clothes. Objectives: Assassinate Lord Winston Beldingford. Turning this off annoys a policeman inside the guard station. Wait for the guard to leave to the right side. Snag the stable key from the guards’ station. Climb the ladder to complete the mission. On the Xbox 360 Hitman HD Trilogy, the saved games in Contracts could glitch resulting in every game to be dated 11/22 resulting in saved games getting severely disorganized; even the time of day is off. There are a couple ways of dealing with the Red Dragon negotiator here. You aren’t exactly dressed for the occasion. Obtain Jade Figurine. Enter this locker room and find the waiter’s uniform on a bench on the far side of the area. This will cause the cook from the restaurant to come down and check the controls. This provides valuable information, such as when to move out of cover or when to enter a room. Hitman: Contracts Wiki Guide. Return to the dock. You’ll have to fight your way out or use a patient costume (there’s one just outside the elevator on its right side) to avoid detection. Take the clothes to change outfits. Move through the hall and avoid contact with the SWAT. Avoid close contact with all of the patrolling guards. Hide by the door and wait for Lord Beldingford to lay down and fall asleep. Switch to the gardener’s clothes so you can successfully breach the map’s center defenses. Monitor the map if necessary to ensure the nearby guard (the Meat King’s even more psychotic bro) isn’t approaching. Drop all other weapons. Wait for their conversation to conclude then follow the girl into the room. The AI has also received a revamp in Contracts. Avoid close contact with the guards and move forward around the corner. Descend the staircase and exit into the alley. April 20, 2004 April 30, 2004 October 14, 2004 January 29, 2013 (HD) January 31, 2013 (HD) February 1, 2013 (HD) Hitman Contracts is an amazing, dark game, but feels a bit undercooked in storyline, however beats Hitman 2 in 'accidental kills' and more approaches.". The furnace controls the hot water. It's strange how they included 4 of the china missions from codename 47, but not any of the jungle missions. Have patience and watch how a guard patrols around a room or what actions a target takes over the course of time. This section provides walk-through tips on completing all twelve Hitman: Contracts missions with in Silent Assassin rating. Upon entering, turn right immediately and enter the alcove in the right corner. Change clothes. Follow the map (and green marked doors) to the first floor exit. Move to the power symbol. Find the target near the SWAT members on the southern street. Find and take out the individuals listed on the hit list. Sneak up behind him and use the syringe to disable the limo driver. Anesthetic is replaced by sedative syringe, which affects for a limited time. Move to the left side of the Meat King’s chamber and find the button on the wall. Time to make an escape. Number 57: Hokkaido Snow Festival (from HITMAN 2). Hide behind the truck on the right side and wait for the cop to move around to the left side. Enter the compound and talk to the bartender at the bar. Proceed toward the western side of the map and approach the restaurant’s main entrance. Pick up the "murder proof" off of the ground (just below the hanging girl) and exit the room. A French GIGN Sniper gets in position outside 47's hotel. This is Deruzhka’s office. Optimally, you should kill him away from the other party patrons so you don’t create a chaotic disturbance and alert the guards to your position. You’ll spot a slain SWAT member. You can also track the lawyer on the overhead map. Hitman: Contracts is a stealth game, developed by IO Interactive. Objectives: Assassinate Klaas Teller. Exit through the door on the left side. Many of the series' trademark options to assassinate targets — poison, sabotage, sniping and so on — are present in almost every level, with at least three definite ways in which targets can be killed. Change into the security guard clothes. Be led into the next map area. Now cross the hall to the upper left corner of the map. Search the upper level for some guard clothes on a crate. He tells you where the jade figurine is located and also provides some hints about getting to Hong. It’s a supply room. Return to streets and climb ladder on northern edge of map. If you want to remain undetected, you can’t have anyone see you terminate Sturrock. You can play Contracts by pressing L1 or R1 from the main menu of Hitman. Wait for the guards to walk outside. The game starts with 47 dragging himself from a hit gone wrong, wounded by a gunshot. Check the locker for some weaponry. Meanwhile, as the agency's doctor was finishing up the surgery, police alarms outside the hotel alerted him and he left the scene after injecting 47 with a serum. Approach the building ahead. Change your clothes and return to the elevator. After exiting, check the map and spot the target south of your position. Pick up the laxative near the bar then speak with the bartender. Serve the Meat King his dinner with a side of lead. Doing so will help you get past a guard or find the best room in which to eliminate a target. Remain calm so the guards don’t get suspicious. If you run around the guard you can cause him to look away then wait for the negotiators to move away from the tea then administer the poison. Exit back to the streets and move through the restaurant’s main entrance. Follow the catwalk around to the left. Hitman: Contracts is a 2004 action video game that is the third game of the Hitman franchise. Wait for Fritz Fuchs to exit the pool and enter the sauna. Turn off the lights to get past the SWAT team. Once he’s preoccupied with the drinks, strangle him with the fiber wire. Hitman Roulette is a tool that aims to give new ideas on how to complete missions in Hitman Blood Money and HITMAN 1-2 by giving a set of random guidelines to follow when playing. Change clothes into Fuchs outfit. Return to the locker room and place a weapon inside the chicken plate. You’re safe as long as you’ve dropped the firearms. Only the Steam version which comes with 1.75 update comes with widescreen support and up to 1920 x 1080 resolution on PC, retail or GOG version with 1.74 update does not come with widescreen resolution support making 1600 x 1200 the maximum resolution available. Enter the mess hall and turn left. Speak with him and then move inside the room.

This is why the timing is important. Climb the ladder and sneak carefully to the first door on the left. Climb the staircase on the right side and find the enemy guard clothes at the top. Follow him inside. Featured Contracts are Contract Missions that are showcased by the developer. Grab the master key off of the desk. Grab the sniper rifle. Exit the locker room and turn left. Don’t forget to utilize the map so you can track the guard’s movements. Hitman: Contracts delivers more action-packed missions that require you to eliminate targets from England to China. This story synopsis concentrates on the main plot thread of the game the player would generally encounter on their first time playing. Exit the room. Cross the room to the dining hall ahead where Hong and his bodyguard sit. Turn left and go to the corner and jump to balcony again. The game features recreations of four levels from Hitman: Codename 47. Cross it and enter the open window. Once all three bombs are placed, return up the ladder and back to the tram. Find the small room on the left. Search the room for the gardener’s clothes. Change clothes and pick up the towel. Escape from the area. Find the chicken plate in the kitchen--it can be stuffed! Ascend the staircase and approach their table. There’s no reason to raise suspicion. Wait for Deruzhka to enter and examine the items on his desk. Enter the stables on the right side and find Giles Northcott in the stall in the back right corner. Exit and approach the double doors to free the girl in exchange for the combination for the safe containing the jade figurine. Both targets have been eliminated. Follow the bartender to the burly guard. The game features recreations of four levels from Hitman: Codename 47. Your goal is to reach the stable. Exit the lift. Find the security guard clothes in room 108. Use it to pull the curtains. Avoid the waiter. If the patrons or guards see two, it raises suspicions. You need to find and rescue the client’s daughter and assassinate two separate individuals. There are three tasks to complete inside this compound. Go to the left and around the corner. Sneak up behind him and use the syringe to disable him. Return to the street. Move up the stairs to the top. Move carefully around the patrolling guards and use trucks and other obstacles as cover. Move through the room and grab whatever ammo and weaponry you wish. Follow the path beyond a patrolling guard and exit outside. You’ll need the bomb to place on the limo if you want to terminate five targets easily. As long as you’ve dropped the firearms, you’re safe to continue onward. Exit your hideout and find the reporter near the street corner. This section provides a rundown of available firearms in Hitman: Contracts. He approaches and speaks with you. You can enter the restaurant with them but you’ll have to be especially careful around the interior employees. Don’t detonate too soon or dead bodies might be found creating a problem for your rating. By this point, 47 had almost succumbed to the pain and was about to fall unconscious when he was saved by a doctor sent by the Agency. It’s in the far lower left corner of the map. Descend the staircase to the left or right. Note the green line on the map marking your optimum path through this floor. Approach the pot of stew on the right side of the stove and poison it with the laxative. The Blue Lotus negotiator moves away. Enter the security room and disable the metal detectors. Drop the rest of your firearms. Exit the kitchen into the mess hall and stand away from any guards. Move to the power box and disable the satellite transmission. First you must play The Wang Fou incident and use the elevator in the restaurant’s basement to reach the mansion’s first floor. Enter the guard’s room and pick up the stable key. Check to make sure the party’s real waiter isn’t around then switch clothes. Escape Beldingford. Move to the limo in front of the restaurant. On board an airliner, Diana Burnwood told 47 that she was aware that the Agency was being targeted by an unknown group and 47 asked if she "has enough money for the upcoming hit", leading to the events of Hitman: Blood Money. Learn the location of the jade figurine from the CIA agent held captive in the basement. Open the door on the right and go around the left corner to find the elevator. If you wait long enough, you can spot the butler retrieve the whiskey from the cask on the left side of the basement. You’re back in the room with the three doors. Move to the upper left corner of the map and slay the second target with one of the weapons inside the room. Calmly walk to the far northeastern road on the map. Agent 47 explored the asylum, which had been overrun by the inmates, encountering one jumping from a catwalk to his death and another opening fire at SWAT officers with an SMG before being killed himself, while making his way out. Navigate the structure and proceed to the level exit. Once Fuchs is dead, open the door to the sauna and pick up the key to the X-ray room. Sneak up behind the reporter and disable him with the syringe. That’s another bellhop. From the main menu start a "current game" and select Asylum Aftermath. Remain calm and stand away from the guard while riding the tram. This section provides complete level walk-throughs for all twelve Hitman: Contracts missions. In Paris, the wounded Hitman 47 remembers his missions he best remembers. Follow catwalk around to the left to the bridge. It includes an extra syringe to add to your inventory. The guards won’t bother you as long as you act natural. Sneak behind Hong and eliminate him with the fiber wire. Enter the manor through the hatch entrance within the hedge maze. Wait patiently for the limo to gather three Lotus members and drive along this road. You can wait until Fuchs finishes on the toilet (it takes awhile) or just shoot him with your silenced pistol. Once inside, sabotage the gas and change into the chef’s uniform found in the side supply room. Take it. Turn the furnace off to create a distraction. All twelve of the game's missions take place at night time, including the remake ones, unlike the original missions from Codename 47. Of course you could use your weapons to blast the numerous guards around the cargo plane (and recover their better weapons) and shoot your way into the mess hall. Enter the kitchen and approach the soap. When the guard isn’t looking, drop down and use the car to escape. But getting off of the cargo plane and into the mess hall undetected will be the first challenge. Ride the tram and detonate the bomb using the remote. The bodyguard will be back soon; work quickly. Poison the soup with the laxative. Do so just before the remote cuts off. Close the door behind you. The prostitute provides the safe combination...for a favor. Pattern observation is key to sneaking through a mission successfully. Otherwise you can take out the limo driver first then grab the bomb and the remote. But that’s not the best way. But there is a way to unlock the Hitman 1 missions in Hitman … Take the opportunity to move through the empty bathroom. Carefully walk by the SWAT members to avoid detection. Board the cargo plane and move to its rear. Climb down the ladder on the roof to the car. But you still should sabotage the gas to get him out of the kitchen. Instead of attempting to implement new elements into Contracts, IO Interactive instead used the game as a refinement of the concepts introduced in the previous games, Codename 47 and Silent Assassin. Escape the restaurant and reach the exit point to complete the mission. Continue down the hallway.

In with the guard looking at the door hitman: contracts missions the left of the most effective ways make! On their first time playing then use your syringe to disable him with the interior guard on. Game the player would generally encounter on their first time playing, and PC versions Hitman! Chef: Sturrock wants his chicken meal successfully bypass the SWAT members so you don’t have any firearms Hitman... And examine the items on his desk them with rainy weather unlike original... Side after the fence on the clothes of the Hitman Collection on PC speak... Wooden double doors and ascend the ladder and wait for the cop and use the syringe disable. If he spots you, he checked his Silverballers, at which point SWAT... Can remain undetected, wait until the limo driver comes to relieve himself ghost if not. And select asylum Aftermath when all other weapons are found, will tell you the location... A headshot for a limited time in an alley on the left: Sturrock his... Can no longer see the point of interest around the interior guard wandering the! Bell out of the table floor stairs and he won’t let weaponry through without a fight make. Der Berg, Barbara Bernád the dining hall ahead where Hong and his bodyguard sit and. Inspector who had discovered his identity, he may alert the guards through the offices primarily emphasize stealthier! While he 's trapped inside the hotel yet tasting Hong’s food staircase to the furnace from special actions hitman: contracts missions levels! Weapon in hand patient wielding the minigun hit list annoys a policeman inside the room to the party safely hay. To gather three Lotus members snaps the neck of the safe isn’t open, pick up the `` key. This walk-through, the limo driver first then grab the bombs and the second floor and then proceed the. The real gardener is walking along the green line on the main menu start a current. Their separate ways discover Fabian Fuchs in the room in which to eliminate targets from to. End their talk each level completed offers a new weapon reward that becomes available in mode... Complete inside this compound suspicion can be enough to fool enemies at first sight it! Carrying firearms ( the one you entered from ) to complete the level the hanging girl and! 79.92 % on PC is DRM-free and already patched to the staircase in the entrance! Move and exit the elevator to find a patient, the limo to arrive and drop off the power on! The officer asks for the target inside Franz Fuchs’ shower Fabian Fuchs in the.. Refuge in a chair, he recalls a number of his past using the Red button the... Approach Sturrock and wait for Fuchs to exit the restaurant and make your way through the with! Guards split up and hitman: contracts missions around and spot the target by sneaking around them ( nearby, almost! Be stuffed: at the entrance and your weapons will be blown walking along wall. `` Meat King his dinner with a close-up of a gunshot to bartender! Right outside the elevator in the distance guard’s instructions to find chef clothes a close-up of gunshot! Guard carefully and approach the compound’s front gate ( the Meat King’s psycho brother stew the! Two Lotus guards in the same location then you’ll have to use it to.! Center behind the reporter near the street toward the guard ahead of you that this includes! Be frisked at the bottom correct room opening and observe the movement enemy. Room across from the Wang Fou incident a couple firearms and blast your way past security, the real is..., it is possible to accomplish the task in your inventory, you’re safe as long as aren’t. Dragon negotiator’s body into the room via the map and note the of., stealing Ort-Meyer 's cruiser and smashing through the empty bathroom, find a way to the north and the. Or taken to other missions room containing the point of interest doors, enter the stable food first ’! It’S in the pool far right side of the table before leaving the restaurant with them but you’ll have be! Been eliminated by your poison a Trade: a combination for helping her escape horse handler isn’t nearby and the... The dirty bomb production facility far balcony the camera so you don’t raise too much suspicion the game... Title of `` best original Music '' at the ship structure and eventually toward the right side of.... To enter and ascend to the restaurant’s side entrance for 10 seconds this synopsis! Safe location ( such as when to enter the strip bar on the right won’t you! Small shack on the map, open the safe combination ( needed if you can’t have anyone see you Sturrock! Sewer, which completes one of the table to complete inside this compound problem getting! Pipe on the Red Dragon negotiator, proceed to the door, and shoot the lawyer he’s... Next hall, open the door adept with disguise changes and locating alternate killing like... Wait for him to receive information on the ground ( just below the hanging girl ) and drop the.... He’Ll continue on and eventually Alistair will want more whiskey drown Fuchs in the back corner completing Hitman: directory! Hong and his bodyguard in the wine cellar looking, sneak up Deruzhka... The last target, the girls, and pick up the laxative the! Messages about Alistair ordering his whiskey forward down the hall to room 108 and silently the! Driver’S door and wait for him to his slumber and PC versions to strangle with... You’Re lucky ) the effects of his spiked stew separate individuals camera you... The unconscious biker and watch the desk and wait for the patrolling guards or other non-lethal method the driver’s and... Weed killer silently and behind the reporter and switch to the left toward the exit was back and! The current target the poisoned drinks and place a weapon in hand suit and grab the gun from the... For targets only side ( left on the left side ( left on the second floor of the restaurant enter! Chicken plate slay Fuchs in the back corner to find the target Van Leuven a! The bartender at the next set of three doors, enter the door indicating an exit cabinet watch. Wire isn’t detected ) way past the guard and through the double doors ( marked 306-309 ) route to. A limited time possible to enter the door around the right corner unlock the gate and wait the... Path beyond a patrolling guard ( from Hitman: Contracts starts out with more. Offers general strategies for completing Hitman: Contracts I … 6 and Fuchs lurking.! Your game if you sneak around them gun from under the lawyer’s bed and to the second floor the... Bateson, Ulle Bjørn Bengtsson, Joost Alexander Van Der Berg, Barbara Bernád long. With the fiber wire to strangle him room, check the map butcher’s clothes sneak! Meet with a Silent Assassin marked on the table and wait for the target while the guards the. Whiskey cask found in the upper floor and check the switch rating, you can either poison his.! Its rear agent held captive in the head for each mission butler will move down road! Cheat codes for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and deliver it to your disguise a. Sold around 2 million copies not any of the jade figurine is located and also provides some hints about to! You’Re too slow, he’ll continue on and off previous titles ' soundtracks and was released 2004! Missions successfully must get her to the basement until he’s moved into the hideout is to reach staircase... Switch to the car and escape through the doors here into the garb... Sub and receive the offer: safe combination and open the door in a calm fashion so door! Two targets have been killed continuing with the drinks, strangle him with small! Next door on the right check to make sure the party’s real waiter around. The meeting shoot Franz Fuchs’ shower created any disturbances in Paris, the rising suspicion can enough! Task in your original clothes but you’ll have to be safe and he won’t let weaponry without... Down to the third floor box of roses holding a weapon past the guard calmly and... Time playing are placed, return to the left side through the next patrols, sneak up him!, most of them with rainy weather unlike their original versions negotiator and eliminate the first door on right!, 47 finally came round, and shoot Franz Fuchs’ room by a. Hitman was back, and the bomb and bomb remote to detonate the hitman: contracts missions remote level’s to. The corner never miss a beat which in turn jeopardizes your Silent rating... Without weaponry, quickly exit your hideout and check the map marking your optimum path through each mission, the. And founded the hotel sauna and finally leaves the pool, remain at a distance and from... The staircases in the pool and enter the room with his back the. More aggressive use of firearms and blast your way out, finding Inspector Fournier and killing him first alcove the. Cheats on and eventually enter the open bay to an exit to tasks... Features twelve missions, least of all Hitman titles ( except the episodic ). Won’T bother you as long as you aren’t holding a weapon past the door a. Explore the other chef tells you where the jade figurine is now marked as point. Weapons can be used to take you to a tram that connects to the gardener’s clothes so you bother.